1. Do you give any entrance examination?

– We welcome children between the ages of 8 months until 5 years and 7 months by June. For children ages 1 years & 8 months old and onwards, we require a parent-child interview. The parent-child interview is an informal talk between the Head of Center or her representative, the parent/s and the child. The objective of this interview is to assess the natural abilities of the child.

In case some developmental delays or special needs are observed by the Head of Center, the school reserves the right to decline a child’s admission when it feels that his/her placement in the school is not the best option for the child.

2. Does your school accept enrollees even if the school year has started?

– Clayton Learning Center may only accept a child during the school year only if there are still available slots where the child fits in.

3. Will my child be delayed because he entered in the middle of the school year?

– Each level provides for the individual needs of children to ensure their optimum development of any or all of the following skill areas: physical, communication, social, mental or cognitive and creative.

Children even of the same age are different in their abilities and skills which is highly dependent on their genes and their background. The teacher, therefore, gives value on the uniqueness of each child in her class and will try to provide activities appropriate to his abilities and challenge him to reach the next level.

4. Do we need to pay for the whole year even if my child did not start on time?

– The school offers different payment schemes which you can choose from – quarterly, semester and annually. We also pro-rate program fees depending on the time the child enrolls.

5. Can my child enroll in a higher level even if she is one month short of your cut-off age requirement? She will be delayed by one year from her peers if she is placed at the lower level.

– The cut-off age requirements at Clayton Learning Center were based on the local big school requirements, thus, computation of age is as of June of the current academic year.

Parents should not worry if their child is placed at the lower level. This does not mean that she will be delayed in what she has to learn or will regress because he is amongst younger children. Teachers respect the uniqueness of each child in her class and pays attention to their individual needs. It is the responsibility of the teacher to offer challenging activities so that a child will proceed to a higher level.

6. I heard that you have daily 1 hour Mandarin classes for the N1 and N2 classes but I just want an English class for my child?

– Parents may now choose to enroll their child in an English only class or with the 1 hour daily Mandarin. If you to choose to enroll your child in the English class, the class runs for 2 ½ hours from Monday to Friday. Class schedule will depend on the level your child is in.

7. I want my child to enroll in Mandarin class but he is enrolled in another school. Can he join the 1 hour daily Mandarin classes?

– The 1 hour daily Mandarin classes are exclusively for the children enrolled in our preschool classes. However, we do offer Mandarin enrichment classes called “EduMandarin” where our students and children from other schools may enroll in. The classes are offered once or twice a week with 1 ½ hours session. The class is taught by a Native Mandarin speaker and her assistant teacher.

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