The Little Book Room

Children are never too young to be exposed to books as well to the experience of choosing and borrowing books from a library. The Little Book Room, the library of Clayton Learning Center; is a magical place filled with a wide range of quality children’s books in English and in Mandarin. The Little Book Room is one of the ways we instill love of reading to the children in our center.The Little Book Room is transformed every term into a page of a book by famous authors like Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, or David Kirk. The details in the displays never cease to amaze the little ones. They always spot something new to marvel and inspect. For Term 4, the featured book is from “Miss spider” by David Kirk.

Suggested Books

Hello Red Fox


Mama Frog gets a big surprise when the guests arrive for Little Frog’s birthday party: Red Fox looks green to her! Orange Cat looks blue! What has gone wrong?

With the active help of the reader, Little Frog shows Mama Frog how to see the animals in their more familiar colors. Is it magic? No, it’s a remarkable function of the human eye. As Little Frog demonstrates, anyone can do it. Small readers will enjoy taking part in the fun of changing the colors of the animals. And they will laugh at the effect they themselves can create at the end of the story when Mama Frog gives Little Frog an embarrassing birthday kiss!

Eric Carle believes that learning should be a joyful experience. In this imaginative book he invites young readers to discover complementary colors while enjoying the amusing story of Little Frog and his colorful friends.

The Pig in the Pond

Pigs don’t swim, or so it’s said. But on one of the hottest days of the summer, the pig on Neligan’s farm sits by the pond feeling envious of the ducks and the geese floating in the cool water. Finally, when she can endure the heat no longer—splash!—this sweltering pig takes a dive, throwing the entire farm into an uproar. It isn’t long, however, before the refreshing idea catches on, and the pig finds that she’s got company! This spirited tale with its exuberant illustrations is sure to be a hit with all those young and old who ever wanted to take the plunge.

The Time-for-bed Angel

Andrew doesn’t want to sleep; he just wants to run and play and make mischief. Andrew’s guardian angel has to work very hard to keep him safe until he finally snuggles down to sleep. This is a charming bedtime book for all mischievous toddlers that will reassure them that love encircles them all through the day and night.

Maisy’s Bathtime

Tallulah, Maisy’s friend, has called at an inopportune time: Maisy is in the bath, but Tallulah wants to play. She goes away, but returns. What happens next? Lucy Cousins has written yet another simple story, around everyday situations very familiar to young children. This is a board book with excellent, clear and colourful illustrations and the text is uncomplicated and easy to understand. There are many opportunities for interaction and discussion, and it is suitable for children aged three years and above.

Ten Flashing Fireflies

Counting down from ten to one, a girl and a boy empty the night sky of fireflies as – counting up from one to ten – tehy fill their jar with them. but once captured, the fireflies’ light flickers and fades, so in a generous good-night gesture, the children release them. Luminous pictures and a chant-aloud text combine to make this two-way counting book as joyous and magical as catching fireflies on a summer night.

In A People House

When a spunky mouse invites a passing bird to see what’s inside a People House, chaos ensues while beginning readers learn the names of 65 common household items—and that people are generally not pleased to find mice and birds in their houses! A super simple, delightfully silly introduction to objects around the home—from none other than Dr. Seuss!

More Parts

Give me a hand . . . hold your tongue . . . scream your lungs out . . . what’s a kid to do if he wants to keep all his body parts in place? Well, one thing is for sure, he’ll have to be creative. Like, if you want to keep your heart from breaking, just make sure it’s well padded and protected by tying a pillow around your chest. Want to keep your hands attached? Simple-stick them on with gloves and lots of glue. Just be careful not to laugh your head off!