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 ms arlette

Marie Arlette A. Ng, Head of Education

“Learning takes place in a positive, safe and fun environment where children could freely express themselves and trust the people around them.”

I like being called Teacher Arlette because I love being a teacher.

I have been pursuing my passion in forming young children for the past 16 years through Xavier and ICA.  I took my Bachelors degree in Psychology at the University of the Philippines.  But to better equip myself in this vocation, I took further studies in De La Salle University under their Teachers’ Certificate Program and Masters Degree in Basic Education at the Ateneo De Manila University.   I also help in the production of textbooks in English and Math for both grade school and preschool as author and editor.  This year I am very excited to collaborate with our dear parents and teachers here in Clayton Learning Center to help shape our preschoolers.  Looking forward to a wonderful and productive year (and more!) with this new community :)


 Hannah C

Angelica Hannah Capiral, Teacher

Learning is fun!

Being around children is where I am most happy. Knowing that I am part of their learning experience is my utmost fulfillment.

i have been a part of this center since it started at 2008. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, AB Guidance Counseling with recognitions at St. Scholastica’s College. My love and passion for children led me to pursue the Education field. I went to Singapore to take my Early Childhood and Speech and Drama certificates in Julia Gabriel Centre. While taking up the courses, I was also in training for the start up of the Manila Centre. Being part of the journey of this school is one of the most remarkable experiences in my life.

i have learned a lot from children as well and it is my honor to be part of the fun that they encounter in learning.



Abigail Africa, Teacher

“Children learn best through play.”

Hi! I’m teacher Abbie. I have been in the field of education for almost 5 years. I really find teaching fun and challenging! It is rewarding to see children learn and enjoy themselves in the process. Wouldn’t your heart also melt when a student hugs you and says, “teacher, I love you.” awww…

For three years, I was a Toddlers and Nursery teacher in a pre-school along Green Meadows Avenue. I was also a tutor for kindergarten to primary 1-3 students. Last 2009, I was the Nursery 1 teacher at Chiltern House, Forum, Singapore. I currently hold the Specialist Diploma for teaching and leadership (pre-school), that I received from the International Centre for Early Childhood Education, Singapore.

I also know how to play the guitar. I use that skill in my music class as well as assisting other teachers in theirs.

It is very exciting for me, and i feel very lucky, to be part of Clayton Learning Center. I am looking forward to teaching Playful Pals, Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 programs.



Rachelle Suarnaba, Teacher

“Because children work through play.”

Hi I’m Rei!

I finished BEEd Teaching in the Early Grades at University of the Philippines, Diliman. I’ve always loved being around with kids and learning in the process since I was a kid myself. I have been doing this work-play hobby since 2009 and have taught at St. Bridget School and KILA consecutively. I have been with CLC since 2011 and handled CaTs, N2, Pre-K, and OWL programs.

It is and will forever be a pleasure playing and working with children and learning lots of things from them. I am looking forward to meeting new families and somehow being part of their child’s development in the coming years.


Bianca Tolentino, Teacher

Hi I’m Bianca!

I finished my studies at the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education major in Early Childhood last April 2008. I passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers on September of the same year. I started working immediately after graduating at St. Paul College Pasig as a grade school teacher. After two years, I decided to try my luck in a Pre-school.

I started working as an Assistant Teacher at Clayton Learning Center (formerly Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning) on August of 2010.

Teaching in Clayton Learning Center opened my eyes to a unique but effective way of guiding children to be at their best. I enjoy every moment that I get to be a part of a child’s learning experience.


Michelle Reyes, Teacher

“Teacher, on our next field trip, can we go to the moon?” – Lawrence, 6 years old.

Thoughts that are out-of-this-world yet close-to-the-heart are just few of the things why I love children. And how I love being around them has been the main reason why I chose to be a teacher.

Hello everyone, I’m Teacher Michelle.

I have been in the field of Preschool Education for more than a decade now. Mentioning that surprises even me because the excitement that I feel for this calling makes me get up like it’s my first day. My colorful career has a solid foundation, as I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education from the University of the Philippines. My career experiences have trained me to effectively manage almost all facets of Early Education – from curriculum development to, of course, actual teaching. I am proud to be with Clayton. And I’m happy to be part of the most important stage of your child’s growing years. I’m excited to be with them in their first attempt of being the best that they can be, and more importantly, being their own magical selves!



Keyleen Joy Mayoca, Assistant Teacher

When I was a kid, I dreamt to be a teacher and now I can say that I am a teacher with a degree in BEEd major in Special Education from St. Scholastica’s College-Manila. Seeing kids that are happy and enjoying the activities that you prepare for them is priceless. That is why I enjoy being with them.  As one of the new teachers, I am excited to meet the students, teach and play with them. It is my first job to be an assistant teacher here at Clayton Learning Center. I know this will help me to gain experience in my teaching career as well as a challenge for me to become an effective teacher.


Ann Bernadette Huy, Mandarin Teacher

Hi everyone! I am An ni lao shi.

I am a nursing graduate in Chiang Kai Shek College last 2010, and I got my nursing license in that same year.I started as an assistant Mandarin teacher for Mandarin classes last August 2010. While I was being trained and taught by my mentor for a year, I started to develop my love and passion for teaching. I came to realize that I am enjoying teaching and playing with the kids. I love to see how each child develop their love and understanding for the language and how to further enhance their interest in learning Mandarin. To further enhance my Mandarin skills, I went to Taiwan and enrolled at National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center from August 2012 until February 2013.I also recently took and passed my Mandarin Proficiency Exam HSK Level 5 and HSKK level 2 last December 2013 in Ateneo Confucius Institute.I am currently heading the class for the Mandarin PuPs.

I am looking forward to see you in school!


Kathrina Javinar, Assistant Teacher

Hi! I’m Teacher Kath!

Being in love in teaching made me pursue in taking up education. I got my Bachelors Degree in Preschool Education at St. Paul University Manila and graduated March of 2013. Of the same year I passed the Licensure Examination for teachers. I fortunately got my first job at O.B Montessori Greenhills and handled Toddlers Class.

By faith, I was led here in Clayton Learning Center, the place where my first views in taking up education begun.Im happy that I am part of the children’s milestone in learning and be able to contribute to their growth. I believe that children need to feel secure and form attachment not only to their relative peer but also to the people around them in school.

I am delighted to be an instrument as a teacher in Clayton because I know that the children here could bring out the best they can be.