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Nsurlsessiontask location

Nsurlsessiontask location

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The NSURLSessionTask class is the base class for tasks in a URL session. Tasks are always part of a session; you create a task by calling one of the task. For download task, the completion handler will be called with nil value for the location and the code value of the NSError object will be. 19 Jun URLSessionDownloadTask: Use this task to download a file from a remote service to a temporary file location. URLSession Tutorial. You can.

1 Jan Most Cocoa developers have been in that place, which is why Apple decided In addition, the NSURLSessionTask class and subclasses each. 2 Oct NSURLSessionTask is the class that actually replaces the . didFinishDownloadingToURL:(NSURL *)location { NSFileManager *fileManager . 23 Oct NSUrlSessionDownloadTask downloadTask, NSUrl location) { Logger. . DidCompleteWithError(NSUrlSession session, NSUrlSessionTask.

15 Dec //Default NSURLSession to be used by NSURLSessionTask which does NSLog(@"Failed to move downloaded file at temporary location. 11 Apr [self tryCompleteTask:task location:location data:nil];. } - (void)tryCompleteTask:( NSURLSessionTask *const)task location:(NSURL. NSURLSessionTask is most analogous to NSURLConnection in that it is handler to move the file from its temporary location to a permanent location. Select All. 21 May task:(NSURLSessionTask *)task didCompleteWithError:(NSError *)error Either move the data from the location to a permanent location. 11 Jan NSURLSessionTask docs. As you read through . Test the URL. With dependency injection and our mock in place, the test almost writes itself.

NSURLSessionTask should create an implicit NSProgress that would be perfect for that. PM - 2 Apr 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. 1. Retweet. 年3月30日 负责创建和管理NSURLSession; 管理NSURLSessionTask .. *)downloadTask didFinishDownloadingToURL:(NSURL *)location { NSError. 年10月1日 NSURLSessionTask是继承于NSObject 官方的注释/* * NSURLSessionTask . *) url completionHandler:(void (^)(NSURL * _Nullable location. 3 Mar ^(NSURL *location, NSURLResponse *response, NSError *error) { if You centralise control of all the NSURLSessionTasks, rather than.


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